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DC Services


Individualized Day Services

Individualized Day Services includes habilitative supports in the community to ensure that a person’s community integration is increased and the skills necessary for independence and community involvement outside of the home are developed and maintained.

Companion Services

Companion Services may be provided in a person’s home or in the community when non-medical assistance is necessary to ensure a person’s safety. Supports are goal oriented to include the person’s interests and preference with a concentration on community engagement and employment exploration.

In Home Support

In Home Support services include a combination of hands-on care, habilitative supports, skill development and assistance with activities of daily living. The supports are aimed at teaching the person to increase his or her skills and self-reliance.


Respite services provide relief to a person’s family or primary caregiver to enable them to participate in scheduled or unscheduled time away for the person in supports, and to prevent gaps in the delivery of the person’s services.

Supported Living With Transportation

Supported living services are provided to persons with limited informal supports and have an assessed need for assistance with habilitation, healthcare, and financial skills related to activities of daily living. Goals and supports are centered around the development of social and adaptive skills necessary for the person to reside in the community and successfully participate in community activities.

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