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            Director of Programs

Temitope Ariyo is the heart and soul of Angel Loving Care. Her role as Director of Programs is vital to the underpinnings for our delivery of service both as a model and in practice. Presently, she oversees our Incident Management Division and serves as the Chair for our Human Rights Committee. Both of these roles ensure the rights and dignities of our IDD community are supported, preserved, and respected and remains at the forefront of the services we provide.

Oftentimes, Temi is the first point of contact with our stakeholders, community representatives and government liaisons helping to lead and develop the person-centered planning and staff matching for those persons we support.

Temi’s communication and relationship building skills are continuously on display as she collaborates with our professional affiliates using an integrated care model to advocate and optimize the health, wellness and habilitative supports for the IDD community.

                                                                                  Temi’s Daily Mantra:

    “Today, I will be a positive change agent for the growth of each person we support and each staff we employ.”

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